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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nathan Turned 3!!

Our little guy turned 3 years old. I know everyone says it, but it really is amazing how quickly time flies by. Nathan started Preschool the week after his birthday and absolutely loves it. He gets to ride the bus (for about 3 minutes) to Rosamond Elementary. He gets so excited when I wake him up on Tuesdays and Thursdays and remind him about the bus.

Nathan got a Hot Wheels Racetrack from Grandma & Grandpa Robinson

Nathan got Jr Mints, which he would NOT share.

Giving Aunt Jessica a hug.

Putting the racetrack together with Grandpa and Daddy.

Harry with Grandma

A Lightning McQueen piggy bank from Grandma & Grandpa Skousen

Both Christian and I got one of these when we were his age too! (Must have been a 70's thing.)

Nathan's cousin, Carter has a birthday 4 days before Nathan. We decided to have the party together. It was a Pirate Party.

Little Pirate Harry

He was so excited for his dollar.

Happy Birthday, Nathan!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Et tu, Brute? Otherwise entitled Storage Shed Shenanigans

Just a quick jaunt to the Storage Shed to retrieve some items from my storage shed turns into an hour of ranting, tears and cursings....

4:55 Kids are sleeping. Move my mom's van from behind my van
4:56 Gather my boxes of Halloween items to take back to storage
4:58 Borrow my Mom's cell phone, because mine is frozen and probably kaput. Hop in my van. Turn on Christmas music to ease my drive.
4:59 Call Christian to have him meet me at the Storage Shed so that he can help me move large items if needed - he is with a customer.
5:02 Call his cell phone - he is just leaving work. He will hurry to help.
5:05 Arrive at Storage Shed just behind someone else. They enter. The gate will not go back down.
5:07 Get Manager - I have to back my car up to make the gate close.
5:08 Can't recall Storage Shed Number. Finally get the correct sequence on the 4th try. Enter.
5:09 Pull up to my Shed and position my car so that my headlights can shine into the shed.
5:12 Call Christian in utter rage because it is somehow HIS fault that I can't get the key to open the shed. He apologizes and says he is getting there as quickly as possible. My fingers are raw from twisting the key back and forth.
5:13 Kick the Storage Shed door to make myself fell better. Now foot hurts.
5:14 Try some more- FINALLY get the lock to open.
5:16 Back the car up to shine the headlights better. Turn the car off, but leave the headlights and radio on to keep my company.
5:17 Carry the Halloween stuff in. Trip over a box. Set the Halloween stuff down. It tips over and pumpkins go flying. Curse. Gather pumpkins.
5:19 Push large boxes out of the way. Sun light fading quickly. Pick up a box, something hits me in the face and I bite my lower lip, drawing blood. Curse again.
5:21 Still moving boxes, searching for the Thanksgiving boxes.
5:25 Cursing. Blaming husband for boxes not being well placed.
5:33 Putting boxes back. Can not longer hear radio. Odd...
5:37 Shove the last box in.
5:38 Now can't get the lock to close. Cursing Mr. Padlock and all of his wealthy heirs. Get it closed on the 12th try.
5:40 Hop in van. Turn key.

Click Click Click

5:40 Sit in disbelief. Van's battery is dead. Turn key again.

Click Click Click

Call Husband. Search van for jumper cables. Find said cables - try to decide whether to laugh or cry or curse. Do all three.

5:50 Husband arrives. Jump starts van. Feel very guilty for blaming husband for keys not working and van battery dying. Must make it up later.....
6:00 Arrive home. Exhausted. Kids are hungry and need diapers changed.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Momma? Momma? Momma?

"Momma. Momma! Momma!!"

"What, Nathan?"

He waits for me to look at him. He's poised at the edge of the couch cushion, ready to jump.

"Go!" He leaps from one cushion to another. Then he looks back at me for a reaction.

"Wow Nathan! Good jumping!"

This continues for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, I'm trying to chat with Heidi, feed Harry and eat my lunch. Each time he calls for me to tell him to go, I give less and less enthusiasm. I'm almost annoyed. He eventually loses interest and runs off to play with something else.

After Heidi leaves, Nathan and Harry fall asleep and I sit down at the computer to do my usual facebook and blog-stalking. On my friend, Melissa's blog, I see a link to blogs she calls "Strangers Who Inspire Me" and this blog: Jackson Family. Time stopped. I couldn't stop reading about their experiences. Their little 2 year old choked on a piece of an apple and died. Their emotional journey was inspiring and heart breaking. I cried when I read they named their new son, Peter, after Peter Pan - the story their little Lucy loved so much. What strong people. They will never hear her little voice calling for Mommy. I held my little Nathan a little tighter and didn't sigh and grumble when he ran to me to show me something new. My cuddled with my little Harry and felt so thankful for what I've been given. I don't know what trials lie before me. I don't know what things the Lord will ask me to do. I only hope I will have the faith and strength to do it.

P.S. If go to their blog, get your tissues ready!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Harry is 5 months old!

Our sweet Harry turned 5 months old last week. Time just flies by! Jenny, Heidi and I decided to try and experiment and take some photos up by our cabin. The subjects were not very cooperative....

We did capture a couple of smiles....

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Wait, You're Not Done, Mom!

Nathan and I enjoy playing with his Magna Doodle. He'll have me write words like Nathan, Harry, Mommy, Daddy, Lion, Tiger, Elephant, etc then he'll erase them with another magnet. Then he clears the screen and we start all over again. This morning I showed him a new trick by tracing his hands. He thought that was awesome. So he laid his head down on the Magna Doodle and said "Ear!" I laughed so hard I could barely hold the little pen still to do it. Luckily the camera was nearby!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Many Adventures of Vanny the Pooh

I try to be optimistic. No, really I do. Sometimes life has ways of chucking that optimism to the ground, spitting on it and then rolling it around in dog poo. You may recall the many adventures of our van from last year...
The tire

And who could forget....

The tire IN the road and more

And last but not least...

The growing rock chip.

What's kind of funny is that I just had the windshield replaced 2 months ago. Apparently we don't have glass coverage with our insurance so we had to pay for out of our pocket. $200.00 Love it.

In December, we had about 3 warning lights on our dash -

Check engine
Passenger Airbag

Luckily (?) we had a warranty and got away with paying only $400.00 to get everything fixed. What a delight!

Then in March, I noticed the brakes starting to act funny. (Funny weird, not funny hahaha) Since I was done working and had access to my Mom's car, we didn't get them fixed until June. Another $300. Then the bearing went out on one the brakes. Another $300. Then the ABS light kept coming on again. I think the guys at the tire/brake place was so sick of us, they fixed the sensor on it for free.

Then today, my Mom and decided to take a little trip to North Salt Lake to get Nathan and Harry's birth certificates. Just a little errand I've been putting off for almost 3 years. So we decided we just HAD to go today. The trip was pretty uneventful (except for the speeding UHP Officer barreling down on me in the carpool lane. I promise I wasn't speeding!! Once I moved out of the way, he continued on - phew!)
I got off the freeway at the construction filled Redwood Road and proceeded to North Temple. I turned right and I started to hear this whooshing sound. I kept thinking, "Where are the sprinklers?" Oh silly me. That's the sound of the precious air vacating your back passenger tire! I turned down the road towards the Utah Department of Health and I commented to my Mom
"This road is terrible. It's so noisy!!" Finally I noticed that along with noise, the van was driving a little off. "Is that me? Is that my tire?" I could feel the rage starting to simmer within. I pulled into the parking lot and amid the stares of those walking by, knew that I had a flat tire. Flat. Flat. Flat.

After pulling into a parking spot, I jumped out and sure enough - Flat. I called Christian and he said he was on his way. Having no time for these inconveniences, I got the birth certificates while I waited for Christian to arrive.

$68.00 dollars later, (68.00?? You say? Why, of course! 3 certificates each! One for my scrapbook, one for their scrapbook and one that can get ruined - Odd?? Ask my Mom - It's her idea. Doesn't everyone have Momisms? Things she tells you to do and you do them without question? Anyone??)

I emerged, Christian arrived and switched out the tire. Thank you, love!! There's NO way I could have accomplished it. It took Christian lots of arm power to get those lugnuts off.

Did this dampen our spirit, kill the day or change our plans?? NO! On we went - to Costco, the mall, Walmart and then home to finally have the tire fixed. Many thanks to my Dad who took care of the mess there.

So, is my van cursed? Perhaps. My Mom and I were laughing because I paid my tithing yesterday. Hmmm I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't????

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Got a Golden Ticket! (actually it's Green)

**Disclaimer** I have really tried to sensor myself in this post. In fact, I have written many adjectives describing this scene that I have since replaced with less offending words. However, I'm sure I left some swearwords.

Whenever I hear about people and their run-ins with the Police on the news, my immediate response usually is to side with the Police. I guess because I have few family members who are (or have been) cops and my husband almost became one. (Could still, if he wanted to, I guess.) So you could imagine my complete feeling of betrayal when I was pulled over on Saturday morning.
We were on the way to my cousin, Clifton's son's funeral. (That is another post) Most of my sisters and parents were all going, so we decided to caravan together. We drove my parent's van and mine. We had just picked up Heather at her home in Saratoga Springs and were headed to the freeway entrance in Lehi. We came to the light on Redwood Road. They have recently put in a covered green arrow for the left turning lane. My Dad was in front. When we reached the intersection, the light was still green. My Dad went through. I continued as well, but as I hit the intersection, the light turned yellow and was red by the time I got through. I did see the Saratoga Springs Officer sitting at the light going straight. However, at the speed I was going, to stop would have been stupid, if not impossible. In my mind I thought - he won't pull me over. Foolish me!

That didn't stop Officer Crapface (is that really his name? I don't know.) from flipping on his lights and come barreling down after me. My Dad could see what was going on and he pulled over so I could pull over. My Dad started to get out and the officer asked him to stay in his car. (Not that unusual.) Then he asked me if I knew why he pulled me over.

Me: Probably because I'm trying to stay with than car. We're traveling together.

Heather: We're on our way to a funeral in Cedar City. Did you hear about that little boy that drowned in Lake Powell?

Officer: No. That happens so often, I can't really keep track of all that.

Wait? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Do you not believe us or something? I know Officers are supposed to check their emotions at the door, but he could have just said, "Oh. I'm sorry to hear that." Or something that doesn't make him sound like a total jackass.

Officer: Are you very familiar with this area?

Me: No.

Officer: The reason I pulled you over is because we have a lot of accidents at this intersection from people running the red lights.

Me: Oh.

Heather: She was just picking me up. I live over there.

Officer: Then you must know about all the accidents we have at this intersection. Especially with all the construction. (No comment from Heather. I'll explain why later.) Can I see your license, registration and insurance?

I had just gotten my car registered on Thursday. It expired in May, but it needed some work done and I rarely drive it, so it basically sat in the driveway until we got all that done.
So I wasn't' positive where the registration was. I knew Christian put the sticker on my car, but I didn't know where he put the paperwork. I had brought out just the inspection paperwork that morning. Also, I had my insurance card out for the DMV and hadn't replaced it in my wallet. All I had was my expired insurance card.

Me: Here's my license. This is my insurance. This card is expired, but it's the same. The registration is around here somewhere.

Heather and I start to look around in the car. We had all our travel bags everywhere, so it was taking a minute.

Officer: While you look for that, I'm going to go call this in. Is this your current address? (He points to my license.)

Me: No.

He walks away. I find the registration in the glove compartment. While he's gone, Melissa, Heather and I have a conversation about how stupid it is that you have to show your registration in the first place. Isn't it in the computer?
20 minutes later, (NO JOKE) he comes back.

Officer: Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I am going to cite you for a red light violation.

Heather: What's the good news?

Officer: You're registration is 90 days past due -

Me, interrupting: No it's not. I just got it registered on Thursday. (I practically shove the paper in his face.)

Officer: Well it's not showing up on the computer. Did you have it done at a On the Spot Renewal Place?

Me: No. I went to DMV in Draper. (I show him the DMV receipt.)

The officer stands there, silent for a moment. I can tell he doesn't believe me.

Officer: Well I wonder why it's not showing up in my computer. (Ahh yes. This is why we have the registration in the car!!)

Me: I haven't a clue.

Officer: Okay, well I'm also only going to give you warning for not updating the address on your Driver's license. That could be another $100 fine. See on the back.....(I tune out as he tells me where I can update it. It is hitting me that he's actually going to give me a ticket.) I need to have you sign this. (the ticket) Also, you need to sign your registration. Some officers are pretty strict about signing your registration. That could be an additional fine.

I sign the ticket.

Officer: You need to sign your registration. You want to use my pen to sign it?

Me: No Officer, I want to shove the pen up your nose. (Ok, I didn't really say that.)

I take the pen silently and scratch my signature.

Officer: Thank you.

He walks away.

I start cussing up a storm. Heather then admits she's never seen an accident at that intersection. (She's lived there 3 years.)

I don't know if I really convey the nasty attitude of the Officer. He came across like he didn't believe a word I said. I'm lying about going to a funeral. I'm lying about my car really being registered. I'm lying about not knowing the area. I'm lying about needing his pen to sign my damn registration. A warning about the light would have been sufficient.
I don't usually fight tickets. If I'm speeding, I'm speeding. But you better believe I'll be there - with my signed registration, updated driver's license and funeral program in hand.

Stay tuned....................

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Freedom Fest

Freedom Fest was pretty fun this year. The hotel had to record the speeches (union rules) so it was a lot less stressful for us. We even ventured out and walked around the Strip - at night. During the day it was only in the 110 degree range. YUCK!

Waiting for the water show at the Bellagio.

Once again, Harry sleeping through it all.

It was so hot!

Amy and Carter

Nathan put these on Harry. They both thought it was funny.

Laurel & Mary at the final banquet.




California 2009!

Before Freedom Fest this year, we spent a couple of days in California. The weather was so nice! Only about 80 or so. We had a fun time with Matt, Lauren, Matti and the Clark fam.
Harry was an absolute angel. I carried him around in a baby carrier. Nathan loved every ride, except Nemo - it was too loud for him. We even took him on Matterhorn! He didn't cry, so I guess he liked it!

We went to the Independence Hall at Knott's Berry Farm first.

Robinson Fam

Skousen Fam

Nathan is ticked!

Casey Jr.

The Golden Child!

Who's leading who?

King Arthur's Carousel

Me taking a picture as I'm tripping.

It looks like I'm still tripping.

California Adventure under construction.

Nathan riding Tuck and Roll with Amy.

It hard to tell who has the bigger eyes.

Nathan wouldn't leave the cars. See the kid I cut off? It's supposed to be his turn. Nathan had a meltdown when I pulled him away.


Harry is too cool.

Daddy teaching Nathan how to shoot.

Nathan thought the dishwasher was hysterical.

Yelling at some kid to get out of his car.

Is Nathan actually posing for a picture?

Making sure no one touches the wheel.

Nathan on the Nemo subs.

We love Matterhorn!

Hahaha I look awesome.

With the Skousens.

Before we left, we had lunch with the Clarks and Matt and Lauren at the Legends restaurant.

Matti holding her baby.

This was the best picture these two would do.

Nathan drinking his ketchup. ILL

Harry likes Elvis!

I totally pushed my way into this picture. haha

Nathan was obsessed with the jukebox. Some other kid tried to come over and touch it. Of course, Nathan screamed and pushed the other kid away.

We had so much fun! I can't wait to go again!