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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Remembering Those Who Are Gone

We visited Oma, Opa & Ur-Oma, Grandpa Skousen, My aunt, Kathy, Tante Liesel and her sister, Rosa's Graves.

EVIL Emo's Grave!! Heather's getting sucked into the door!! Aaaahhhh!!!!

He's Back!!

We saw the new Indiana Jones movie!! LOVE it!! You have to see it for yourself! (P.S. Jennifer didn't come because Ben wasn't here and they are seeing it together on their honeymoon!!

Rage at my Dad and Christian!!

Waiting in line.....

Our seats - back row, of course!! No back of your seat kickers allowed!!

Heather wasn't ever satisfied with her picture. Then I told her she couldn't have any more and so she got pissed at me. (That's the one where's she's looking away and flipping her hair.)


Okay, I know you're all waiting with bated breath; I am working on a new post! I lost my camera, or thought I lost it. Nathan (of course) pulled it out of our over-night bag. So, I'll get some pics ASAP!!