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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Christian!! January 26, 2008

32 years ago, Jackie Robinson nudged David Robinson on a dark snowy night. "It's time!" She said. David who was snoring, grunted and sat up. "Oh, I guess I should have put gas in the car." He said sheepishly. This was followed by many expletives and other silent cursing.

Somehow they made it to Cottonwood Hospital and at 2:15 am, the little (!?!) 9 pound 3 ounce large headed David Christian Robinson made his way into this world.

Happy Birthday, My Sexy Lover!!

Here's some things you may not know about Christian:

David Christian Robinson (he doesn't really look like a David, does he?)

January 26, 1976

Grew Up:
Holladay, UT (He calls his neighborhood the West Valley of Holladay)

Older sister - Becky
Older brother - G.R.
younger sister - Jessica

Nieces & Nephews:
Robinson side 5 nieces 1 nephew (all are Becky's kids)
Skousen 3 nieces 9 nephews

High School:
Skyline High School - graduated in 1994

Served His Mission:
Guatemala Quetzaltenango 97-99

Favorite T.V. Shows:
Anything on the Military Channel
Simpsons (Up yours, children!)
Dirty Jobs
Reno 911
Family Guy (Lois! Lois! Diarrhea!)

Favorite Movies:
Indiana Jones
Bourne Movies
Bond Movies

Favorite Vehicles:
Military Style Hummers
Toyota Tacomas
Toyota Tundras

Favorite Foods:
Mtn Dew
Chocolate Chip Cookies
His Mom's Cake & Frosting (Ask him how much he ate of the cake his Mom just made us. I had 1 piece and a couple of bites of the entire 9 x 13 pan!!)
Peanut M&M's

Favorite Place to Hang Out:
Hot-tub at the Skousen's

Phrases he loves to use all the time: (Don't ask me to explain them)
"Husky German Sex"
"It was stohlen"
"This discussion would go much better if we were in the hot tub."
"Mr Fraser? Mr. Fraser? bleh-sdaflksdjkasdl"- that's a throwing up sound
"Seinfeld. 4."
"That's what she said."
"Cartwright! Cartwright!"

Absolutely Loves:
Being a Dad
His Wife's Feet
Good smelling things (breath, laundry, hair, candles and air fresheners)

Absolutely Hates:
Collection of any junk (If something lays around too long, he wants to chuck it!)
When Nathan bites
Home Improvement Projects that don't cooperate
Reality Shows I make him watch (Real World, America's Next Top Model)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nathan In the Hospital

On Wednesday evening, we noticed that Nathan was starting to get a cold. Not a huge deal, he's had them before, but on Thursday after work, I went to pick up Nathan from Christian's parents' house and Jackie said that he was pretty sick and that there is nothing in his diaper all day. So I decided to take the next day off of work and stay home with him so he could feel better. When I got home from work, Nathan played a little bit and then fell asleep on my chest. While he was sleeping I noticed that he was panting like a dog, his heart was racing and he had a fever. When Christian came home, we decided to take Nathan to the InstaCare. When he was examined, they listened to his lungs and said he was working really hard to breathe and it sounded kind of coarse. They put in an IV (The single worst experience we've had to endure with Nathan so far.) to give him some fluid. Then they took an x-ray of his lungs (the second worst experience) and they didn't look too bad, but Dr. Plumb, decided that we should probably take him up to Primary Children's to make sure that it wasn't RSV. So we drove up there and checked into the RTU (Rapid Treatment Unit). We got the last room in the entire hospital. It was a double room, but they said they would only put another child in that either had or didn't have RSV, depending on whether Nathan had it or not. (The hospital is completely full because of RSV season.

Next, they suctioned out some mucus (the 3rd worst experience) and had it tested. It came back positive for RSV.

The rest of the night was a blur. Nurses were in and out every couple of hours, testing his temperature, listening to his breathing and suctioning him one more time. Luckily his oxygen saturation was good. It only dipped below 88 a couple of times, so he never had to have any oxygen. His heart-rate was always really high - when we first got to the InstaCare it was in the 180-190 range. When we got to the hospital it had dropped a little - about 160. Normal for him is 100-120.

Later the next morning, they moved us into a single room and we just watched him really closely. Poor little guy so was exhausted he cried every time someone touched him.

By the afternoon, he still hadn't wet any diapers, so they talked about keeping him another night. Not too long after that, he had a really full one and his fever came down. So we were able to go home around 7:30.

He's still a little on the groggy and ornery side. He also has an ear infection, so that doesn't help.

Through it all, we are so grateful for the our family and friends and their wonderful support. We've had so many phone calls and visits and prayers in our behalf. This could have been so much worse and we are so lucky that it wasn't.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nathan's Fake Laugh

I don't know how or why he started doing this, but Nathan does this over the top laugh. He sticks his lips out too. (And check out the pictures of Nathan standing!! - In the Nathan stands and Roar post.)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Trying for Baby Robinson #2

So I went to the Dr.'s on Thursday for the annual check up. They're not as bad as I remember them for some reason. I also got some more fertility drugs! $75.00 later, we're upping the dose of Femera. We'll keep our fingers crossed! We've already been trying since April. Annoying! Stupid PCOS. I think to think of it as POS. (Piece of S***) It really makes me feel better.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We spent Christmas Eve with the Skousen Fam and then Christmas Day with the Robinson Fam. It was lots of fun with tons of food and presents!!

Love the Christmas Cap that Grandma made!!

Picture with Oma

Christian's favorite gift!
Scrapbooking stuff!!

Aunt Jessica did this to Nathan!
Grandpa and Daddy putting together Nathan's pirate ship
Poor little Nathan is tuckered out! Not even his Pirate ship can make him happy now.
Love my Pirate sword!

We discovered that Nathan LOVES candy canes!

All Nathan's presents

ROAR! and Nathan stands!!

So yesterday, I took Nathan to the Doctor's Office to make sure his ear infection was gone and that the eardrum that had burst was healing. As we were waiting in the lobby, Nathan started crawling around everywhere like a madman. He was charging like a bull and giddy with the freedom of the huge lobby. There were some girls waiting to see the Dr. and they would crawl towards Nathan and he would shreik with delight and run(crawl) away. Then the girls were called in, so I gave Nathan a Lion King book to look at. He of course immediately started to mutilate the pages, so I sat on the floor with him and helped him flip through the book. Then I asked him, "What does a lion say? - Raaaahhhh!" He grinned and responded "Rahhhh!" It took me by such suprise! I've been trying to teach the animal sounds with no success. I'd never even tried a lion before! Hahaha funny kid. Then when we went into so the Dr., he went from happy, crawling kid to completely sullen and wouldn't leave my lap. The Dr. let him play with his ear light, hold the earpiece that they connect to it, Nathan would not give him any expression except a scowl. Dr. Lindgreen loved it. He thought it was so funny.

Also, yesterday morning Nathan stood all by himself! He was so proud! Of course everytime I've tried to take a picture, he sits down and cries for the camera. Oh well. Then he stood for Daddy and roared for him too!! When I finally get a picture of him standing, I'll post it!

We finally have it!!

And of course the behind shot. I love the rolls on his chunky legs!!

Monday, January 7, 2008


In case you wondering, the reason, I have Disneyland music playing on my blog (besides the fact that I am obessed) is that we are going!! February 2nd can't get here fast enough!!