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Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's True!!

We are expecting baby #2!! It only took 16 months this time!!
On Saturday (the 23rd) I thought I would just take a test because I had an appointment with my new ob/gyn (mine retired) and I wanted to be sure we weren't pregnant. It was about 6:30 in the morning, Christian was giving Nathan a bath (yes we are early risers) and he had NO idea I was even going to take a test. When it the little hour glass flashed off and "pregnant" appeared. My arms went numb and I kept saying "Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!" I debated about surprising Christian later, but I couldn't wait!! I walked to the other bathroom and told Christian to close his eyes and hold out his hands. He told me later, he thought I was going to put a spider in his hands. When I placed the test and he opened his eyes the first words out of his mouth were "HolySheesh!" (Which is funny because that's what he said when I told him about Nathan!) Then we both laughed and cried.

I like to say this was Nathan's reaction to the baby news, but really he wanted the camera and I wouldn't give it to him.

Christian called his parents almost immediately. (then they cried!)
We were getting together with my family for birthdays the next day, so Christian and I decided to tell my family then.
After all the presents were opened, we put a sign on Nathan's back and put him in the middle of the room.

Heather noticed first. (same as last time too!) Her response of "You hag!" is not meant "You hag, you're pregnant before me!" it means "You hag, I can't believe you're pregnant!" After watching the footage again, I forgot how we all scared Nathan when everyone screamed. HAHAHAHAHA some things never change!

Then my sister, Laurel comes over and says "Um, so, we're expecting too!" In fact, she is due BEFORE me!! Ahhh good times at the Skousen house on Sunday!

So, we're looking at April 23, 2009! Keep the date!

Girls Night Out!

My sister Jenny is in town and we decided to ALL go see the new sister missionary movie, The Errand of Angels. Even Amy was there! (And she's on a mission in Texas!)We had such an excellent time and since the movie takes place in Austria, they speak German A LOT. I felt my Oma's spirit and I know she was with us too. In fact, during one part, an older woman was singing As Sisters in Zion and I SWEAR it was my Oma's voice. I really miss her and miss my little sissy, Amy.

Taking Sister Skousen with us.
I must say, some of my sisters did NOT want to bring Amy. That's pretty rude if you ask me.

All the Sisters

Amy and Mom

Amy is always posing!

After the movie, we ate dinner at Spaghetti Mama's!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Matt & Lauren are having their baby!!

I'm so excited! My brother, Matt and his wife, Lauren are in labor as we speak!

About 1:45 am they called to say her water broke and she's been in labor ever since. I'm so excited for them!!

The world better get ready for a Mattison (girl) or a Clark (boy)!!

I'll keep you posted when I hear the latest.

It's a GIRL!!!

Mattison Brooke Skousen was born at 2:22 weighing 10 pounds 1 ounce. She is 20 inches long.

They ended up having to do a C-section and considering the baby's size, it's a good thing!! Both are doing well. I can't believe my baby brother is a DAD!! They have pictures on their blog.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fafan & Tarter Sauce Take the Gold! (Carter is Nathan's cousin)

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Weird Dreams

2 nights and 2 weird dreams:

Wednesday night:
We were in the chapel of the my old old Church (the one on 12600 south and Redwood in Riverton). My Grandpa Skousen was up giving a speech at the pulpit. (He's dead) and President Hinckley (also dead) was in the congregation dressed in a short sleeved white shirt (no suit) and tie. Suddenly he gets up and walks out using his cane. And whoever was sitting near me says, "Ever since he's not prophet anymore, he can't sit through one church meeting! He's jealous of President Monson."

Thursday night:
I'm at some restaurant/country store type place. The cashier says to me "You better get out of here, there's a lunatic running around with a gun." So I go out to my car (not my van) and get in. I try to start it, but then the crazy man runs up and uses a crowbar thing to try to break into my car through the window. Then the cops come out and start shooting at him, and I drive away.

I always have odd dreams. (Remember the gargoyle that spewed lava and screamed "FEVER!!" or the Joker and the Penguin in our basement?"

I've heard that the smarter you are, the more you dream. Let's pretend that's true.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hate to be a downer

I've finished all the Twilight books and all I have to say is -


If you love them, that's fine. I don't usually read romance books and I was kind of boycotting them anyway just because so many were obsessed!! But Heather (sissy) and I decided to cross the picket line and just read the darn things already. Maybe we missed the hype. Maybe I'm too old. Who knows? I love to read, but they just aren't my kind of book, I guess.
I just wanted to get it out there that not EVERY young LDS Mom in Utah (or Arizona) is drooling over Edward or Jacob and I really think Bella is kind of stuck up snob. Comments? Questions? Concerns? Lay it on me. I need a good old fashioned mystery/crime novel to clean my palette. John Sandford anyone??

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am really begining to wonder...

It's my own fault. I knew what could happen, but I just didn't make time for it. My little (big) rockchip is now making a mad dash for the both ends of the windshield. The other 2 chips seem to be content in their place for now.

Also, coming out of the bank yesterday, I noticed something hanging down from the front of the car. When I went to pick up Nathan at my parents, I had my Dad take a look. Aparently it's a sensor to my radiator. I'm sure it was broken when we ran over the tire, but either it was hanging by a thread or I just didn't notice. Christian took it over to Checker and OF COURSE it's a part we need from the dealer. Hmmmmmmmmm I think I want to pinch my cheeks with rage.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Are The Fates Trying to Piss Me Off? Because It's Working!

**UPDATE!!**(August 16th)
Driving to the Doney house last night, our "check engine light" came on with a delightfully smug "ding". I'm beginning to think our car is doing these things on purpose....Thoughts?

**UPDATE!!**(August 13th)
Ahhh yes. I now have 3 rock chips in my windshield. 3 rock chips in one week. Thank you.

Day: Wednesday

Time: 6:40 pm

Place: The bowels of hell; I-15 Southbound near Riverdale

We were returning from a very nice Reception Dinner at the Maddox in Brigham City. I was engrossed in my book, Nathan was engrossed in his Simpsons DVD and poor Christian was left to man the roads. Suddenly he yells out "Sheeeeesh!" and I of course, then scream out "Sheeesh!!" and then we run over an entire tire left in the middle of the road. After my heart went back down my throat and my legs turned to jelly, we decided to pull over and take a look. Peering at the undercarriage of the van, we see liquid dripping out and smell gasoline. Damnit. (Sorry, that's the nicest thing I can say at this point. We both actually spewed quite a few words, this being the tamest of all.)

Then a nice UHP pulled up behind and helped us take a look. He also said, "I just pulled a tire off the road back there." Yeah, he was about 10 minutes too late! Anyway, after weighing our options, (Do we try to make it home? Drive to a car place and see if they can fix it?) We decided to stop in Riverdale and see if we could get a temporary fix so we could at least make it home. The Patrolman told us where a PEP Boys was and he thought they would still be open. So off we went. When we first arrived, they said as long as it's not the fuel tank, the cost shouldn't be too bad. After taking a look see, they determined it was just the fuel line. It would take an hour to fix and be about 70 dollars. Grrrr at the 70 dollars. (A 'not too bad' cost to me is 20 bucks! But I digress.)

It seemed to take forever! And the guys just seemed to be standing around. Christian and I kept grumbling to each other, while Nathan proceeded to tear apart the waiting room in his little Nathan way. (He was filthy by the time we left.) One of the guys stopped by to let us know that it was taking so long because they had to heat some little thingy with hot water and it was taking forever to get water boiled from the break room and then get the thingy heated up. Well, okay then. That shut us up.

Finally at 8:10 we pulled out of the parking lot and headed home. Our moods deflated, our pocketbook lighter, and all of us a little more cautious, but the tale does not end there.....

Day: Thursday

Time: 7:40 am

Place: The bowels of hell; State Road 201, Eastbound

I was driving to work. I had pretty much gotten over the night before. Stuff happens and all that jazz. I was driving behind a Hummer, and I was pretty far back. Suddenly, I hear a SMACK! on my windshield. I scanned the windshield. Whew. Looks okay......then I see it!! A freaking rock chip on the lower passenger side.

Son a skdfjlsdkfjal;skfasdjlfjawefkljal;skdflaksdj!!!!!


I've never had a rock chip in my life. Thus ensuses more cussing and hitting my steering wheel. Can I get it fixed for free? Probably, but that's not the point!

Needless to say. I'm done. The Car Gods are pissed at me and I'm sure this isn't the last vehicle blog that I will be posting. Stay tuned.....

Monday, August 4, 2008

The wheels on the van go round and round and then bye bye!

After returning from Las Vegas, Christian and I noticed the van kind of making a weird noise. We thought maybe the van alignment was out, so on Tuesday morning, we decided that after work I would take the van in to have a look see. Well, on the way to dropping Nathan off at my parent's house, the van sounded like I ran something over and it was caught in the wheel well. I pulled over off I-15 and there was a long line of rubber coming off the front passenger tire!! I could also see what looked like a chunk of the tire that was coming off!! I quickly called Christian, the poor guy ran out of the door with his bagel still in the toaster! While I was on the phone, a copper pulled up behind me to guard me while I got back on the freeway and drove to the first exit, which luckily happened to be where I work - 53rd South. I pulled into work and chilled in the Parking Lot. Nathan was completely oblivious to the excitement, as he was watching Davy Crockett on the DVD player and eating his toast. Daddy rescued us and we decided to replace the whole set, we are good to go!
Of course, I just happened to have the camera in my purse and documented the changing of the tire. Nathan was such a helper.

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Time Waster? Yes. Do I Care? No.

Yesterday, Nathan and I got home from Grandpa & Grandma Robinson's. We ate lunch and then Nathan went down for a nap. Mommy could have also taken a nap. Or picked up Nathan's toys, or organized the wretched boxes that have been haunting me in the basement, or cleaned out the fridge, folded laundry, painted my finernails, who knows what I could have done for that hour and a half? Discover a cure for cancer perhaps?? But no, I chose to play Zuma in the nice and cool basement. I couldn't stop! Everytime my game was over, I would say to myself, okay one more time and that turned into 20 more times. Even worse, my sissy, Jenny called me and when I told her what I was doing, she got on her computer and starting playing. So there we sat for an hour, chatting and playing Zuma on our respective computers. Meanwhile Nathan slumbered on and Carter proceeded to put Jenny's toothbrush in the toilet and pull berries out of the fall wreath she had made.

One website calls it "Zuma is a highly addictive casual game." That is an understatement! I blame Dan for giving me the game to put on my computer and Jennifer for telling me that I should play it. (I of course, am blameless.)