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Friday, May 29, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

We had a fun Mother's Day weekend. Matt, Lauren and Matti surprised my parents by coming to town with Lauren's sisters, Ally and Taylor. It was so fun to have them here for the weekend.

Nathan and Matti jumping on the air mattress.

All of us (minus Jenny and her fam) visiting Grandma Skousen. It was so much fun to all be together and Grandma survived! She got to meet Mary, Riley and Harry too.

Harry getting kisses from Great-Grandma.

All the grand kids. (Minus the Hunters.)

With my Mom.

With Christian's Mom.

Roses from my boys.

The Robinson Fam with Woody. (Don't take pictures just before nap time.)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Four Weeks Old!!

Little Harry is 4 weeks old today. He is still a little angel! (Takes after Mommy of course!) Nathan doesn't mind Harry at all, unless Nathan is feeling ornery and Harry has one of his blankets. (If you have ever seen the movie, Mr. Mom, Nathan is Kenny - obsessed with his blankie, Woobie. However, Nathan has like 12 blankets that are ALL his!!) Anyway, Harry is a tough kid, I've decided. He's been through a lot in his little time so far on earth. Yesterday, I was holding him and misjudged how far out his head was and bonked it on the door frame. I cursed and Harry cried for just a second. I KNOW that little Nathan would have cried for days about it. I still have guilt........

Nathan tries to get Harry to play with him and was quite excited when Harry held onto one of the magnets that Nathan was trying to shove in his hand.

Nathan is playing the "Forehead Bumper" tickle game.

Harry is still a really good eater. Sometimes I wonder if I am over-feeding him, (is that even possible??) but he never spits it back up and if I don't let him finish the bottle, he is one ticked off little guy!

For awhile, I was trying to pump and supplement with formula. It's just too hard, and Harry just eats too much. However, in the short time that I did it, Nathan picked right up on it and has tried several times to use my pump. Hahaha poor kid! This is one to show his future girlfriends!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Science Experiment? No, just cooking dinner!

Yesterday I was so motivated. I cleaned the house, I folded laundry, I even wrote some baby gift thank you notes.

I made a delicious dessert that I've never made before (so GOOD!!) for dinner and set about making dinner - chicken tacos. I had the chicken cooked, seasoned, cut up and keeping warm on the stove. Christian helped me make the salad and I started making some Spanish rice to go along with it. It has to be cooked it in a skillet pan on the stove, and once the water is added, bring to a boil and then cover it for about 15 minutes. I couldn't find a lid big enough to cover the skillet, so I went to the platter/lid cupboard, (yes, my Mom actually has a cupboard devoted to just those. That's another post by itself!) and found a nice size glass platter with gold trim.

If you've ever attended some get-together at my parent's house, we've probably used this platter for something. Anyway, I grabbed it, not thinking much of it. I have a thick glass platter (in storage now) that I used all the time for lids while cooking. I set it over the skillet, turned the heat down and went back to chopping tomatoes.

Not 30 seconds later, a horrific noise resonated in my right ear. The sound of the glass platter exploding!!

The noise was so loud, I still had a headache hours later. Everyone came running in to see what had happened. (Except my mom, she was at Special Needs Mutual - she's the secretary in the Presidency) Nathan started crying and tried to run into the kitchen for comfort. Of course, we all yelled at him not to come in because of the broken glass and then he cried more. So I went to Nathan to comfort him. I peeked at Harry and he was just chillin' in the swing. Christian vacuumed the whole mess and after inspecting just how far the glass had exploded, we decided it wouldn't be safe to eat the rice or the chicken. Into the garbage it went.

I felt very defeated at that moment. I was bummed about no dinner and felt really bad that I broke my Mom's platter. Then I got a great idea. I would just run to Peterson's

(the local grocery store) and get a rotisserie chicken!

Marvelous idea! I grabbed my purse, hopped in the truck and drove down. The moment I walked in, everything went into slow motion. My mind's eye pictured my debit card perched upon the desk in my bedroom and then to the few dollars I had shoved in my wallet. I still made my way to the chickens, just see how much they were. 7.99!! Ouch. I double-checked my purse. 8.00. Hmmm Stupid taxes. Even more defeated, I went back to my truck and drove home. Walked in the house, got my debit card, drove back to Peterson's, got the chicken, and some doughnuts (I needed those now) and then drove back home.

To sum it up:
Dinner was good, my Mom wasn't upset, and I went to bed early.