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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am a horrible tagger.

My friend, Melissa tagged me ages ago and I apparently failed to tag myself. I am tag failure. Since she so kindly reminded me today of my shortcomings, I will follow through with my tag:

The Rules:
Link to your tagger and list the rules.
List 7 random facts about yourself.
Tag 7 people (and make sure you check back and see what they say).
If you're tagged, play along and pass it on!

1. I have 6 sisters and 1 brother. Laurel, Melissa, Heather, Jennifer, Heidi, Matt and Amy. (I am the 3rd) I LOVE having a big family. Had I been able to get pregnant much sooner, I would have had lots of kids too. This is my brother with his daughter, Mattison on her blessing day. You can just see Amy behind him. (She's on a mission in Texas until April.)

2. Starting in 1984, my family and I went to Disneyland every summer. I never missed until 2001. (I'm crying now.) If you know me, you know I LOVE DISNEYLAND!! My family and I like to be Disney buffs too. We play "Lazy Disney Trivia" all the time. Which means, we don't really play the trivia game, we just sit around and ask the questions off the card.
We're cool like that. This is my sisters,(minus Amy and Missy, plus sis-in-law, Lauren) mom and me attending the "Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour". So awesome! Did you know Main Street's design is called Forced Perspective? The buildings are all normal all the bottom, but the higher you go, the smaller they get. This is so they will look taller. If you want more, you have to go on the tour!!

3. I am writing a book about my Grandmother's life. It's a long process and I only have about one chapter done. Plus when I look back on what I've written, I usually hate it. Anyway, she led an amazing life. She lived in Germany during WW2, escaped from the Russians with her mother, became a member of the Church, escaped East Germany after the War, married one of the missionaries that brought her the gospel (after he was released of course!) and came to America in 1950. There's so much more, but you'll have to wait for the book!

4. I met my husband at The Dollar Movies in Sugarhouse. I was dragged there by the same friend who tagged me! He went there with some friends. He saw me in the lobby and wouldn't stop staring at me. I was annoyed and a little bit flattered. We ended up seeing the same movie. I purposely sat in front of him. He asked me what time it was and the rest is history! (Best pick up line ever!) This is the exact lobby we first saw each other! On the right side. P.S. The movie we saw was "Runaway Bride". Sweet irony.

5. I have a famous-ish Grandpa. He was an author and speaker. He wrote over 30 books on America and LDS stuff. He was a professor at BYU, Salt Lake City Police Chief and an FBI agent. Growing up, I would asked all the time, if I was related, once people heard my last name. I always thought, "duh, I'm related. How many Skousens are there?" Now that I've grown up, I realize just how many Skousens there are!

6. I have to have my finger and toenails painted. All the time. If you've ever seen me without painted nails, that is one rare occasion! I even painted my nails the day before I went to be induced with Nathan. That's the day he flipped over and wasn't breach anymore! (A lot of good that did, I still had to have the C-section!!) These are not my nails, I couldn't find a good pic of them.

7. I love to read. When I was little, my Mom heard somewhere that the 3rd born child would have trouble reading, so she thought she would inspire me to read and bought me lots and lots of books. Well either it worked or it didn't matter anyway. I LOVE to read. I can also read fast. I have to say, if there is one thing about me that I like is that I can read fast and comprehend it well. (I hope that doesn't sound conceited, I'm just grateful for the gift!)
I don't read romance novels; and I didn't like the Twilight books.

I'm supposed to tag others, but I like to be a rebel and so I'm not tagging anyone! If you want to do it, feel free!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Christian!!!

This is it. Christian and are on the road to our mid-thirties. There's no exit, no runaway truck lanes to veer into; 2009 is the year we'll turn 33! But Christian is first, of course. I will remain a youthful 32 for another 9 months.

Last year, I posted some Things you might not know about Christian.
This year, I'll add a few:

He is currently obsessed with Indiana Jones on the wii. Every night after we've put Nathan to bed, he'll play and when we get stuck, I look on the internet for cheats. It makes me laugh when he can't do something and gets so frustrated. It's cute.

When he opens a package of treats, he has to eat the whole thing; rather quickly. I'll be gone for 5 minutes and all of the Junior Mints will be gone!

When he hears a new song that he likes, he'll listen to it over and over again. Then he'll have me listen to it and usually he likes it because it reminds him of me.

I'm amazed how well he's coped with his emotional wife this pregnancy. We've had more arguments the last 6 months; usually because I'm ticked about something and he's totally clueless. Good times!

At any rate, Christian is one of the hardest working people I know. He does so much for us. I really appreciate all of your sacrifices!!

Happy Birthday, my Love!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nathan's 2 Year Old Pics

Well, I could lie and say I had these done in November, but I didn't. C'est la vie! He is adorable anyway! Props to our photographer, Kristen. She knew just how to make Nathan laugh. Great job!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Really? Really? I know he's pretty amazing, but I didn't know he would put gas in my car too!!!

The first 20 seconds or so of that one is hilarious! We're broke, but I got my Obama watch!

Now I'm not anti-Obama. He is our president and I really hope he can do great things for our country. However, some of the citizens of our country have completely lost their minds!

As a side note: Most of the German people were ecstatic when Hitler was elected too.....I'm just saying!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Countdown to Church.....

8:15 am Christian wakes up "Oh crap! It's after 8!"
8:15:10 Christian wakes up Karen "Oh crap!"
8:16 We use the bathroom
8:18 We get Nathan up (who was already awake, for how long, we don't know)
8:19 Run upstairs to feed Nathan some yogurt
8:28 Still feeding Nathan yogurt because he won't take bites fast enough. Karen making herself some toast so she won't puke
8:30 Christian gets in the shower. Karen attempts to find Nathan's church clothes. Nathan watches Little Einsteins
8:40 Karen gets in the shower. Christian gets dressed
8:50 Karen gets dressed and starts doing her make-up. Christian changes Nathan's clothes.
8:59 Nathan is ready. Christian is ready. Karen is finishing her hair. Nathan wanders into the bathroom and wants to wash his hands. Karen gets his little stool and turns on the water.
9:00 Karen is curling her bangs.
9:01 Karen sets down the curling iron. Nathan looks at it. "Don't touch! It's very very hot!"
9:01:10 Nathan touches curling iron, shrinks back in horror and begins to scream.
9:01:15 Karen curses and holds Nathan's hand under the water while Nathan is sobbing.
9:02 Christian hears the noise, runs downstairs and finds the Burn Free ointment. Awesome stuff!
9:07 Nathan still crying, his hand is slathered in burn free and watching Donald Duck cartoons. Christian is warming up the car. Karen is attempting to find a shirt that matches her skirt in her bedroom from hell.
9:12 Christian and Karen search for Nathan's coat so we can go out in the 10 degree weather.
9:22 We make it into the Church.
11:10 We return home with a stinking child, a starving Daddy and a sore-bummed Mommy.
(Those Church chairs don't have enough padding!!)