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Monday, December 15, 2008

"What's for Lunch?" Written by Karen Robinson

Scene: Mommy getting Nathan out of bed after his nap
Time: 2:00 ish

Mommy: Hi sweetheart! Did you have a good nap? Do you want some lunch?
Nathan: (pointing to his humidifier) That.
Mommy: Yes, that's your humidifier. You hungry? Want some lunch?
Nathan: (sees the Cars poster) Car!
Mommy: Lots of cars!! Let's go upstairs. (Sets Nathan down)
Nathan throws himself on the ground (no known motivation)
Mommy picks him up and carries him upstairs.
Nathan: Donald?
Mommy: You can watch Donald after you eat some lunch.
Nathan: (throws himself on the ground again) DONALD!!
Mommy: How about a drink? Want some orange juice?
Nathan: NO! (brings Mommy his empty sipper cup that had Chocolate Milk in it)
Mommy: (sighs and gets some Chocolate Milk, and like a sucker turns on Donald Duck cartoons)
Okay, Nathan, want your potato?
Nathan: (mesmerized by cartoon)
Mommy: (prepares baked potato with butter and cheese with hidden corn and meat loaf in it)
Here Bug, eat some. (Mommy prepares to finish wrapping Christmas presents)
Nathan: (sees a gift that is for him and runs over to take the box from Mommy) AHHH
Mommy: No, honey. Help Mommy wrap the present, Nathan
Nathan: (now sobbing and yet still helping Mommy wrapping the present)
Mommy: (noticing that Nathan has not touched his food) Nathan! Let's finish your lunch! (Takes him back over to his lunch) Eat, please. (Tries to help him take bites)
Nathan: (shoves the fork away, the food falls to the ground)
Mommy: (curses and gets a paper towel to clean up the mess) Okay, you do it. (Leaves Nathan to do it himself)
After a few minutes, Mommy comes back and Nathan has dumped the contents on the floor and drunk all the Chocolate Milk
Mommy: NATHAN!
Nathan: (smiles and does the sign language for all done)
Mommy: (cursing under her breath, she cleans up and puts the butter away in the fridge. Nathan runs over and points to the cheese ball) You want the cheese ball?
Nathan: That.

Mommy gets out the cheese ball, some wheat thins and Nathan happily sits at the table and munches away.

End scene.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


As many of you know, we sold our little Tacoma. Yesterday, my Dad got a phone call from someone who bought our truck. He asked for Christian and my Dad told him he was at work at that he would have Christian call him back. When Christian did, the guy proceeded to tell him that he just bought our truck from the guy who purchased it from us. As he was going through the glove box, he came across a Jiffy Lube receipt that had the mileage on it. It is considerably higher than the mileage currently on the truck. He asked Christian what the mileage should have been - it was 142,900 when we sold it. It is now 108,000 (round about). Our buyer not only manipulated the mileage, he also forged the title! (He's getting coal in his stocking!)

Needless to say, the guy is not happy!! The second guy paid quite a bit more than what we sold it for. Too bad, we couldn't have cut out the dishonest middle-man and then we'd all be happy!Christian told him he would testify/sign something if needed.
Strange goings-on indeed!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


At work, it's part of my job to take all the x-rays that Dentists send in and scan them into our little system. There are a couple of different types of x-rays that I scan:

Periodontal Charts
(no picture)


And Bitewing

The bitewing ones usually come in a folder like these

Yesterday, I opened up the envelope, and proceeded to dump the contents out in my hand. I got the usual x-ray and a tooth!!

First I said, "You have GOT to be kidding me!"
I dropped the tooth and gagged. Then I jumped from my desk. "I am so ill!!" Then I gagged again and ran from the room. My boss, Brian and coworkers, Penny and Amber laughed as I ran away. I ran to the bathroom and some poor soul had some issues in there! That made me so much more nauseous! I quickly washed my hands and ran out. When I got back, Brian had put the offensive tooth back in the envelope and Penny got the Claims Supervisor. She said the Dentist we got the x-ray amd tooth from is an idiot and took the tooth so she could call and yell at their office. Luckily the tooth wasn't bloody or pulpy, but that is beside the point, really.