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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


At work, it's part of my job to take all the x-rays that Dentists send in and scan them into our little system. There are a couple of different types of x-rays that I scan:

Periodontal Charts
(no picture)


And Bitewing

The bitewing ones usually come in a folder like these

Yesterday, I opened up the envelope, and proceeded to dump the contents out in my hand. I got the usual x-ray and a tooth!!

First I said, "You have GOT to be kidding me!"
I dropped the tooth and gagged. Then I jumped from my desk. "I am so ill!!" Then I gagged again and ran from the room. My boss, Brian and coworkers, Penny and Amber laughed as I ran away. I ran to the bathroom and some poor soul had some issues in there! That made me so much more nauseous! I quickly washed my hands and ran out. When I got back, Brian had put the offensive tooth back in the envelope and Penny got the Claims Supervisor. She said the Dentist we got the x-ray amd tooth from is an idiot and took the tooth so she could call and yell at their office. Luckily the tooth wasn't bloody or pulpy, but that is beside the point, really.



Taylor's said...

Oh my goodness!

I remember when I was working rounds on the OB unit and I needed to pick up blood and they handed me a placenta! Ooops!

Doney Days said...

That is freaking disgusting! I totally would have gagged!

Deb-t said...

"Hua....HUA!" That is totally the sound of me dry-heaving. GAG ME
OMEDEUS! People are absolutely grotesque.....You poor thing, seriously!

Val said...

Grrr all about it, but I loved the title: Ill-stricken! Good memories of that one... is that a Campbell word or a Skousen.. I know we share lots, cuz you guys are cool like that.