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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Harry Turns 1!!

I can't believe our little Harry is a year old. It makes me sad that my baby is no longer in the stage of "firsts" for everything. He is growing up too fast - and he is in one big hurry too!! He is already such a tease. Whenever Christian or I change his diaper, he flips over as fast as he can and crawls away laughing at his successful escape. He teases Nathan incessantly - and Nathan gives the exact reaction Harry is looking for. He even tries to roughhouse with Nathan. He wants to do anything Nathan is doing. I had to buy him his own set of cars because he kept stealing Nathan's. If Nathan is playing Pirates, Harry has to have a sword too. I love their relationship. It's adorable.

The other day, Harry brought Grandpa 2 swords. After a minutes of Harry bugging him, Grandpa figured out that Harry was trying to sword fight with him.

He is such a Daddy's boy. He says "Da Da" all the time (never Ma Ma) and when Christian comes home from work, he gets so excited.

Harry can go up the stairs great. He still hasn't figured out how to turn around to go down them. Luckily big brother, Nathan is always around to keep an eye. Nathan will yell "My baby!!" whenever Harry is doing something naughty - which is often.

He is so close to standing and walking by himself. He walks from furniture to Mommy's leg to the chair. He loves to walk around with his Mickey plane too. (Whenever Nathan decides he can play with it!)

Harry is a great eater! For breakfast he'll eat some yogurt bites, a piece of toast and a scrambled egg with cheese. 30 minutes later he wants a bottle too! It's such a change from his older brother, whose diet consists of 10 things. Oh well!! Maybe it will rub off. Harry was born a big baby and has continued on that curve. He weighs 28 pounds. Yes, 28 pounds. You would think with all that crawling he'd thin out, but he's still huge. I love it! I don't think he likes me squishing his legs though. Mommy torture!! He got 24 month size clothes for his birthday.

Harry only signs "All Done". He doesn't like to do anything else. No matter how often I do "more" or "please", he refuses. Such a little stubborn boy so early - a sign of things to come? For sure!

As I think back over little Harry's birth and the difficult times we had - nothing compared to others - I feel so blessed that he is a part of our lives. I still remember the moment Dr. Curtis said, "It's a boy!" and the immediate rush of love I had for him. Christian and I looked at each other, smiled and both wept.

Our little Devil Harry, we love you so much!! Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter Extravaganza!!

Jennifer, Ben and Carter came into town for Easter. We were so excited to have them here!

Or are we?????

Dying our eggs.....

Nathan had so much fun finding eggs.

Harry loved his little duck.

Awesome Easter fly away hair.... Hmm

Christian is so happy to have found all his treats!

In true Skousen fashion, we also planned 7 birthday celebrations for after the egg hunt.

The best was the 3 April babies that turn 1.

Yes - it was as much mayhem as you would imagine!

Finally - Harry gets his own cars.

Harry's plane. Mary is trying to steal it and Nathan is quite upset that he doesn't get a turn.

On to the cakes! Grandma Skousen made each baby their own cake with a different flavor.

Harry got chocolate.

First he thought he would get into trouble.

But he got over that pretty quick!

Riley - Mary - Harry

Mary and Harry liked sampling the other cakes too.

Haha Crazy babies!

On Easter Morning, Nathan and Harry had a surprise on the doorstep!

This is Nathan saying "Cheese" and trying to smile.