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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter Extravaganza!!

Jennifer, Ben and Carter came into town for Easter. We were so excited to have them here!

Or are we?????

Dying our eggs.....

Nathan had so much fun finding eggs.

Harry loved his little duck.

Awesome Easter fly away hair.... Hmm

Christian is so happy to have found all his treats!

In true Skousen fashion, we also planned 7 birthday celebrations for after the egg hunt.

The best was the 3 April babies that turn 1.

Yes - it was as much mayhem as you would imagine!

Finally - Harry gets his own cars.

Harry's plane. Mary is trying to steal it and Nathan is quite upset that he doesn't get a turn.

On to the cakes! Grandma Skousen made each baby their own cake with a different flavor.

Harry got chocolate.

First he thought he would get into trouble.

But he got over that pretty quick!

Riley - Mary - Harry

Mary and Harry liked sampling the other cakes too.

Haha Crazy babies!

On Easter Morning, Nathan and Harry had a surprise on the doorstep!

This is Nathan saying "Cheese" and trying to smile.


Ben and Jennifer said...

I am so cool!

Deb-t said...

The triplets are the BEST!!!! And I love the cakes, too- good job, Annie! We always have to schedule the church buildings for our family things, too...or else we'd all kill each other!

Doney Days said...

The cakes look so cute! Jenny looks so gay as usual! We're so awesome to plan 9events in one day! Happy Birthday cute Harry!