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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Freedom Fest

Freedom Fest was pretty fun this year. The hotel had to record the speeches (union rules) so it was a lot less stressful for us. We even ventured out and walked around the Strip - at night. During the day it was only in the 110 degree range. YUCK!

Waiting for the water show at the Bellagio.

Once again, Harry sleeping through it all.

It was so hot!

Amy and Carter

Nathan put these on Harry. They both thought it was funny.

Laurel & Mary at the final banquet.




California 2009!

Before Freedom Fest this year, we spent a couple of days in California. The weather was so nice! Only about 80 or so. We had a fun time with Matt, Lauren, Matti and the Clark fam.
Harry was an absolute angel. I carried him around in a baby carrier. Nathan loved every ride, except Nemo - it was too loud for him. We even took him on Matterhorn! He didn't cry, so I guess he liked it!

We went to the Independence Hall at Knott's Berry Farm first.

Robinson Fam

Skousen Fam

Nathan is ticked!

Casey Jr.

The Golden Child!

Who's leading who?

King Arthur's Carousel

Me taking a picture as I'm tripping.

It looks like I'm still tripping.

California Adventure under construction.

Nathan riding Tuck and Roll with Amy.

It hard to tell who has the bigger eyes.

Nathan wouldn't leave the cars. See the kid I cut off? It's supposed to be his turn. Nathan had a meltdown when I pulled him away.


Harry is too cool.

Daddy teaching Nathan how to shoot.

Nathan thought the dishwasher was hysterical.

Yelling at some kid to get out of his car.

Is Nathan actually posing for a picture?

Making sure no one touches the wheel.

Nathan on the Nemo subs.

We love Matterhorn!

Hahaha I look awesome.

With the Skousens.

Before we left, we had lunch with the Clarks and Matt and Lauren at the Legends restaurant.

Matti holding her baby.

This was the best picture these two would do.

Nathan drinking his ketchup. ILL

Harry likes Elvis!

I totally pushed my way into this picture. haha

Nathan was obsessed with the jukebox. Some other kid tried to come over and touch it. Of course, Nathan screamed and pushed the other kid away.

We had so much fun! I can't wait to go again!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

4th of July!

Hurray for Independence Day!!

We went to the Riverton Parade with the Skousen Fam. The weather was actually pretty nice and we got an awesome spot in the shade.

Here's how Harry spent most of the Parade.

Nathan liked picking up the candy. He didn't eat it though. If it's not Junior Mints, he's not interested.

Hurray! The Missionaries! (The one not facing the camera came over for dinner tonight!)

Christian's favorite float (we don't remember ever seeing tanks at the Parade before!)

That night we did fireworks at Grandpa & Grandma's. Nathan stayed in the house. He does NOT like the loud noises. Harry slept through them.

Millcreek does a cute little parade each year on the 4th. We went with the Robinsons.

Nathan LOVES to have his picture taken.

Nathan half posing with Mommy.

Nathan waiting (or praying) for more candy.

Harry loves his outfit!