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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nathan Turned 3!!

Our little guy turned 3 years old. I know everyone says it, but it really is amazing how quickly time flies by. Nathan started Preschool the week after his birthday and absolutely loves it. He gets to ride the bus (for about 3 minutes) to Rosamond Elementary. He gets so excited when I wake him up on Tuesdays and Thursdays and remind him about the bus.

Nathan got a Hot Wheels Racetrack from Grandma & Grandpa Robinson

Nathan got Jr Mints, which he would NOT share.

Giving Aunt Jessica a hug.

Putting the racetrack together with Grandpa and Daddy.

Harry with Grandma

A Lightning McQueen piggy bank from Grandma & Grandpa Skousen

Both Christian and I got one of these when we were his age too! (Must have been a 70's thing.)

Nathan's cousin, Carter has a birthday 4 days before Nathan. We decided to have the party together. It was a Pirate Party.

Little Pirate Harry

He was so excited for his dollar.

Happy Birthday, Nathan!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Et tu, Brute? Otherwise entitled Storage Shed Shenanigans

Just a quick jaunt to the Storage Shed to retrieve some items from my storage shed turns into an hour of ranting, tears and cursings....

4:55 Kids are sleeping. Move my mom's van from behind my van
4:56 Gather my boxes of Halloween items to take back to storage
4:58 Borrow my Mom's cell phone, because mine is frozen and probably kaput. Hop in my van. Turn on Christmas music to ease my drive.
4:59 Call Christian to have him meet me at the Storage Shed so that he can help me move large items if needed - he is with a customer.
5:02 Call his cell phone - he is just leaving work. He will hurry to help.
5:05 Arrive at Storage Shed just behind someone else. They enter. The gate will not go back down.
5:07 Get Manager - I have to back my car up to make the gate close.
5:08 Can't recall Storage Shed Number. Finally get the correct sequence on the 4th try. Enter.
5:09 Pull up to my Shed and position my car so that my headlights can shine into the shed.
5:12 Call Christian in utter rage because it is somehow HIS fault that I can't get the key to open the shed. He apologizes and says he is getting there as quickly as possible. My fingers are raw from twisting the key back and forth.
5:13 Kick the Storage Shed door to make myself fell better. Now foot hurts.
5:14 Try some more- FINALLY get the lock to open.
5:16 Back the car up to shine the headlights better. Turn the car off, but leave the headlights and radio on to keep my company.
5:17 Carry the Halloween stuff in. Trip over a box. Set the Halloween stuff down. It tips over and pumpkins go flying. Curse. Gather pumpkins.
5:19 Push large boxes out of the way. Sun light fading quickly. Pick up a box, something hits me in the face and I bite my lower lip, drawing blood. Curse again.
5:21 Still moving boxes, searching for the Thanksgiving boxes.
5:25 Cursing. Blaming husband for boxes not being well placed.
5:33 Putting boxes back. Can not longer hear radio. Odd...
5:37 Shove the last box in.
5:38 Now can't get the lock to close. Cursing Mr. Padlock and all of his wealthy heirs. Get it closed on the 12th try.
5:40 Hop in van. Turn key.

Click Click Click

5:40 Sit in disbelief. Van's battery is dead. Turn key again.

Click Click Click

Call Husband. Search van for jumper cables. Find said cables - try to decide whether to laugh or cry or curse. Do all three.

5:50 Husband arrives. Jump starts van. Feel very guilty for blaming husband for keys not working and van battery dying. Must make it up later.....
6:00 Arrive home. Exhausted. Kids are hungry and need diapers changed.