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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Marriage Equation

Nasty Heat +

Wife on Fertility Drugs (they make you not very nice and very irrational) +

A husband who means well =

The lamest argument in our entire marriage.

So, with the temperature rising, of course, we turned the cool air on. (We have central air.) However, in our bedroom, we face west and it's on the 3rd level. It really doesn't ever get that cool until late at night. So if Christian and I are putting away laundry or cleaning the bedroom in the evening, we just turn the air off. It doesn't do much difference anyway, so why use the energy? We have a ceiling fan going and that's as good as it gets.

Well, on Monday night, we were folding a ton of laundry that we had kept ignoring. It was hot and I was tired. I was standing in the doorway and Christian came and put his arms around me. His skin was like fire! It triggered a hot flash in me and I couldn't get cool fast enough! The window was open, but the blinds were closed. So I opened the blinds. Christian asked if I was sure I wanted to do that because then people could see us. I replied that I didn't care (of course I did - I was running around in garmies! But I was hot!) Christian asked if it would help if he turned the lights off.

"How can I fold the laundry in the dark?" I demanded? Then I stalked over to the blinds, smacked them shut and started to fold the laundry.

Chrisitan retreated downstairs. I finished folding the laundry and got into bed. Christian came back upstairs after awhile (maybe 20 minutes) and apologized, (for what, I don't know, he wasn't the raging hag face!) so of course, my rage was immediately zapped. So I apologized too. Then he told me that when he went downstairs he had flopped angrily down on the couch and sat on a 4th of July decoration and was poked by a star. OUCH!

There you have it. The Great Robinson Family Fight of June 2008.

Happy Father's Day!

Thank you so much for everything you do for our little family. You are always so willing to sacrifice so much for us. I really appreciate the times you take Nathan and play with him so I can have some alone time. Thanks for supporting my many girls' nights and family projects that you always get roped into. Thank you for loving me for me and for loving and treasuing our son.

Happy Father's Day! Sweetie!