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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Day in the LIfe....

Nathan spies the bag of grated cheese sitting on the counter.

Nathan: Cheese, please.

Mommy: Here is a bowl of cheese. Go sit at the table and eat it.

Nathan clutches his bowl tight and walks towards the table. Mommy sits back down and continues to feed Harry.

Nathan half sits on his chair, eating his cheese. He stands up and begins holding his bowl high up in the air.

Mommy: Nathan, sit back down and eat your cheese.

Harry screeches because he doesn't have food in his mouth.

Nathan keeps twirling the bowl and proceeds to spill the cheese all over the floor.

Mommy: Nathan! That's why I told you to sit down!!

Nathan is devastated and runs to hide. Mommy grumbles and gets the vacuum out. Harry starts screaming some more and throwing his breakfast on the floor.Mommy vacuums that too.

Mommy is about to put the vacuum away, thinks better of it and leaves it out.

Breakfast continues on....

5 minutes later:

Nathan peeks from behind the kitchen island counter. This usually means he's been naughty.

Mommy: Nathan, come here, what did you do?

Nathan shoves something on the counter and runs away. As Mommy stands up to see what it is, something rolls off the counter and shatters on the floor.

Mommy: Nathan, what was that?

Mommy runs over to see the bottom candle piece on the counter and glass broken all over the floor. Apparently Nathan was trying to turn the candle and the top came off. He was scared because he thought he broke it. Instead of bringing it to Mommy to fix, he tried to hide it.

Mommy proceeds to pick up the shattered pieces.

Mommy: Nathan, stay over there, you will hurt your feet if you come over here.

Harry starts screaming once again.

Mommy picks up the pieces and goes to the garbage to throw it away.
Nathan runs right to the area where all the tiny pieces of broken glass are.

Mommy: NATHAN!! Didn't I JUST tell you to stay away?!?!?

Nathan runs away again, devastated and cries.
Harry screeches some more.

Mommy curses now and vacuums up the rest of the glass, checks Nathan's feet for glass and
gets her 2nd Diet Cherry Coke from the fridge.

1 comment:

Doney Days said...

Hahaha! A day in the life a mom!