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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Testing...Is this thing on??

Howdy! Howdy! Let's let bygones be by-wents. Yes... So....

Here's a our trip to the pumpkin patch.

We went with Riley and Heidi

Good try, kids. The sun was bugging them.

Harry would not stand behind his pumpkin.

Of course the kids had to try out the wheelbarrows.

Nice try Harry!!

What a ham!

Nathan showing off how strong he is.

Harry was so excited to sit on the tractor and steer.

Cheese!!! (Nathan just sits there and yells Cheese for about 30 seconds.)

Last picture! haha

We had so much fun! Carving the pumpkins is next!


crystalcookie said...

Your boys are so ADORABLE! and you are such a CUTE mom! your pics are so fun! its about time you updated your blog ha;)

Lisa said...

I just hopped on over to your blog after seeing yours on Crystal's sidebar. And what music comes on? Soarin' over California...nice, since we are surprising the kids with a Disneyland trip this week! If you'd like, our family blog is Can't wait to see a post about YOUR Disney trip!